Disaster Collaboration

Disaster related research is very interesting. Many studies were carried out, because it directly involved the lives of the people. To support disaster research, it is deemed necessary to have strengthening from the relevant institutions. BNPB as one of the national institutions, has a central role in disaster mitigation and management. Universities and colleges can conduct disaster research. Collaboration between the two is required.

Earthquake Centre

The earthquake is one of the natural disasters that often occurs. Lots of damage and losses caused. Seismic research is an interesting issue in various countries. New Zealand is very serious about researching earthquakes. GNS Science is leading provider of Earth, geoscience and isotope research and consultancy services. NGSC NZ

Accounting for Disaster

Disaster will definitely cause loss. The calculation process is not easy. Accurate accounting calculations are required. Therefore, financial managers must understand how to formulate disaster losses from accounting perceptions.