Program Development

One of the development of higher education is the improvement of education levels, such as postgraduate programs. The existence of a postgraduate program will broaden the scope of research. However, the postgraduate opening process in polytechnics, must go through a complete study. So that the direction of vocational education is maintained.


Quality assurance is always associated with the success of higher education. The process of academy assessment, research and community service is better if done face-to-face. Through this activity, universities can express problems and find the best solutions. Accrediation by :


The quality of higher education is determined by a good curriculum. The formulation of a curriculum that involves experts, will guarantee the quality of the curriculum. All academicians must be involved, supported by adequate funding, quality graduates will be produced. Health college curriculum workshop, arranged by Badan PPSDM Kesehatan


Leadership is an absolute factor in the success of higher education achieving a vision. Leadership education for internal staff is always needed. So that in time, qualified leaders are available. Training for leadership by Maastricht School of Management, Netherland:


Education is a long process. Many opportunities can be used to read, study, research and express opinions. In the process, a person have pressure, obstacles and impasse. But with the spirit to move forward, hopefully all problems can be overcome properly. Convocation, 2014: